Filters / Media Filters

Filters / Media Filters

Media air filters clean the air in your home. A media air filter is installed in the return air, prior to the air entering into the furnace or air handler. Media air filters are much more capable of removing airborne particles, dust, and much more. 

A media air cleaner is a cost effective solution for keeping your furnace and air conditioner running at it’s best, by keeping components cleaner. 

This Includes: 

  • Furnace Blower Fan
  • Air Contioner A-Coil

Replacing your furnace filter on time can prevent your furnace from overheating. 

A media air filter has a much longer lifespan than a 1″ furnace filter, meaning you do not have to replace it as often.

If you are currently using a standard 1 inch wide furnace filter, and would like to upgrade to a media air cleaner, contact us on our website form, or call us at 647-799-3558.

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